Memorable sunsets of 2017

Personally, in India I prefer capturing sunsets over sunrise as the hazy conditions in the country mess up the sunrise almost every time. So every place I visit, I make it a point to capture the sunset with varying colours of the dusky sky.

Goa, India

After driving down from Bombay, we reached Goa in the afternoon and right before sunset, I was at Candolim beach. Standing at the beach along with numerous other people, I watched the sun go down as people swam and children played in the sea waters.


Thanedar, Himachal Pradesh, India

Around sunset, I reached Banjara Orchard Retreat in Thanedar, located on the side of a hill. Even before going to my room, I decided to watch the setting sun in the hills behind the layers of mountains forming part of the great Himalayan range. It was spring and the cherry blossoms added to the natural beauty.


Amboseli, Kenya

This was the most memorable sunset of the year. I was in Amboseli National Park searching and photographing the animals. Towards the end of the safari when we had almost started our retreat from the park, I screamed for the van to stop. The view in front of me was just amazing. The hues in the sky with the sun going down slowly against a solo acacia tree was a treat to watch.


Varkala, Kerala, India

In my limited travelling career, I consider this the best Indian beach. Located on the western coast of India, the beach ends at a cliff and all the food shacks are on the top of the cliff which keep the beach pretty clean and less crowded. The coconut trees on the cliff also offer a great landscape to the visitors. Well I enjoyed the sunset with the reflections in the calm waters.


Alleppey, Kerala, India

Towards the end of the backwaters journey from Kollam to Alleppey, the sun had almost set, and it was dark. However, unexpectedly, we came across an open patch on the west side of our cruise offering a breath-taking view of the hues in the sunset sky. The end to an amazing journey could not have been better than this.

allepey1 (1 of 1)

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